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Best academic proofreading service

Best academic editing

Oxford Editing, we work to improve the written word. Send us your document, and we will pore over it with meticulous care. Whether your writing requires a final proofread or a thorough rewrite, our professional editors are ready to help. We offer English-language editing services at affordable rates with a quick turnaround.

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Our experienced and professional English-language editors specialize in editing articles for academic journals, theses and dissertations, and books. We also can edit other materials, such as documentation, grants and proposals, and business writing. We edit in British or American English, depending on the publication. If you are searching for an academic editor, an ESL editor, a book or article editor, or an IT or business editor, then you have come to the right place.
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Most of our editors hold post-graduate degrees, and many have PhDs and have published in peer-reviewed journals and presented papers at academic conferences.
Our professional editors can do much more than fix grammatical mistakes — we can also make substantial suggestions to improve your writing. We can closely examine your manuscript for structural flaws, including poor sentence flow, weak argumentation, and unsupported assertions. Our editors’ expertise will increase your chances of publication.
Oxford Editing understands the rigors of academic publishing. We will guide you in the unwritten rules of journal article acceptance (e.g., “don’t miss an opportunity to restate your argument,” “write in the active voice,” or “explain to the reader the importance of that quote.”) We are also familiar with all the major style manuals, including APA, MLA, Hart, Harvard, Turabian, and Chicago. Oxford Editing can help ensure that your document meets journal submission requirements.
To get a glimpse of what we do, you can submit a portion of your text for a no-obligation, sample edit. To do so, please click on the link below.


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Our editors have extensive experience helping academic authors revise their manuscripts into cogent and polished articles that are ready for publication. We know the academic journal requirements. For example, we can help a science writer rethink the way data is presented in a table so that a journal will accept it for publication. Our service can make the difference between publication and rejection.

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Professional Editing Services

If you need help revising or rewriting your manuscript, require an English-language expert to copyedit, or just want a fresh set of eyes to review or proof your manuscript before you submit it, our editors can help. We can proofread or copyedit to improve grammar and sentence flow without changing the sense and style of your writing. Our substantive and developmental editing services can help identify structural weaknesses, such as repetition or weak substantiation or your argument. All of our editorial services follow the highest publishing industry standards.

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